A Selection of Paintings at The Potters House

On view through October 2018

About the work:

Paintings are never really done. They have to be torn down and built back up again.  Through that process the canvas becomes a living thing with ancestors that provide the base, bulkiness and story. I’ve been at this for about 20 years, and it can take a long time for those stories to really emerge and take shape.

And that’s the deal with some of the pieces you see here at Potter’s House - some that have many lives below the surface of the paint (Risen, Tangine and Clasp) and others that are still wearing their first coat (Aquine and Dueling Profiles).

Abstract work usually has to come from somewhere – otherwise it’s just a fun, visually appealing mess of paint. The themes in these pieces come from a range of experiences. Clasp from the ugliness of Charlottesville last year. Aquine from the desire for balance and symmetry. Risen has an almost primordial feel – there are a lot of other paintings underneath and the canvas itself is ancient (look at the back).  Dueling Profiles drew inspiration from travels across South Asia and Tangine is the second in a series about the ocean. The first piece, Steps was a more peaceful version of the theme, while Tangine is sharper, almost like during a storm.

The Potters House

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Plus One

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